And he asked me, what’s going to be my biggest challenge? And I said, it will be Syria. President Trump has taken the gloves off when it comes to fighting ISIS inside of Iraq. He has done the same in Syria. But he wants to somehow leave.

All I can tell President Trump, you building a wall to protect us from threats from the southern border, there is no wall you can build in the Mideast. The only way we can protect America from Mideast threats is to have our troops working with regional partners to have a virtual wall over there.

If you take these troops out of Syria, ISIS comes back, Iran begins to dominate Syria, and that’s the end of us being a reliable ally. The Kurds that fought with us are going to get slaughtered by Turkey.

The entire region is going to melt down into a Sunni-Shia conflict. So Pompeo and Bolton need to explain to the president of the United States that what happens in Syria matters to America. There is no foreign government or force to outsource our national security.

Keep these troops in Syria. If you pull them out too soon, you’ll have Iraq all over again with worse consequences.

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