“And then, a few days later, in a display of extreme petulance, you even deride the national language of the host – which by the way is looking a bit silly, because last Saturday’s extravaganza known as the ‘Eurovision Song Contest’ saw 90% of the songs sung in English,” he went on. “If you were the host, and you had been treated like that – by somebody you thought was important and somebody you thought you could trust – I think you would be asking yourself if you were dealing with a reasonable person.”

Farage tore through his blistering oration standing mere feet from Juncker, even turning to look him directly in the face before intensifying his offensive.

“I don’t know whether, Mr. Juncker, this is how you carry on in Luxembourg – I doubt it, because in any other part of the civilized world, frankly, that behavior would be considered to be bloody rude and the act of a bully,” he said. “I’ll tell you something – your attempt to bully the Brits through this negotiation is not working.”

Farage pointed out new YouGov polling statistics showing that 68% of Brits support Brexit and the Leave campaign – up from 52% last year, versus only 22% for remaining in the EU.

“Either we get some grown-up, reasonable demands from the European Union or the United Kingdom will be forced to walk away before the end of this year,” Farage warned. “We can’t spend two years with this farce.”

He concluded by citing Yanis Varoufakis, former Greek Finance Minister, and his damning assessment of the European Union.

“I rarely agree with Marxists, but perhaps Mr. Varoufakis is right when he says, about negotiating with the EU: ‘It is a technocracy that is desperately clinging onto its own exorbitant and illegitimate power.’”

“You may have crushed Greek democracy two years ago – but you ain’t going to do it to us.”From 7pm, @Nigel_Farage will be taking your calls live from Strasbourg. It’s going to be unmissable. https://t.co/ERd0NhJ0Japic.twitter.com/lZiOIlWa6T

— LBC (@LBC) May 17, 2017

Farage also revealed that the UK Liberal Democrat party is pushing for a second referendum vote on Britain’s EU membership after Brexit negotiations are completed.

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